Team member

Grégoire Mercier

MD, PhD, Médecin de Santé Publique, Responsable de l'équipe Médico-Economie au CHU Montpellier

Associated workpackage(s): WP3

I received my medical degree (public health) and my PhD in health economics and management from the Montpellier University (France, 2013 & 2008) and a master’s degree in health economics and policy from the London School of Economics and Political Science (UK, 2014).

After 7 years in the outcomes research sector, my current role is at Montpellier teaching hospital (Montpellier, France), managing the Economic Evaluation unit. Besides, I am an associated researcher at the CEPEL (UMR CNRS/Universite de Montpellier), a social sciences laboratory primarily focused on public policy.

My research interests focus on three main areas:

  • Efficiency of healthcare technologies and programs;
  • Healthcare pathways;
  • Geographic and financial equity of access to healthcare.

My contribution to this project will consist in bringing a comprehensive economic perspective, i.e. efficiency, access to healthcare and equity as follows:

  • Costing methods in healthcare;
  • Healthcare pathways analysis of patients with chronic conditions;
  • Assessment of equity of access to healthcare.

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