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Professor of Neurology at University, Head of the Department of Neurology at Lariboisière Hospital (APHP), Coordinator of the Reference Center for Vascular Diseases of the Brain and Eye and of the DHU-NeuroVasc Paris Sorbonne

Associated workpackage(s): WP4

After his neurology residency in Paris, Hugues Chabriat became Senior Registrar at University Denis Diderot (Paris). He started his research studies in cerebral small vessel diseases (cSVD) on perfusion imaging and magnetic resonance imaging in CADASIL which was identified in the early 90’s. He obtained his PhD in Neurosciences under the direction of Denis LEBIHAN at CEA based on these first studies.

Thereafter, he developed many investigations on the clinical value, progression and significance of different cerebral MRI markers in small artery diseases in collaboration with Neurospin teams at CEA and multiple other partners in France and through various international networks.

With the help of the CERVCO’s genetic team (Pr TOURNIER-LASSERVE), expert clinicians (Dr Dominique HERVE) and researchers involved in the processing and analysis of MR images (François DE GUIO), he developed in close collaboration with Pr Eric JOUVENT a research program on imaging biomarkers to better understand the natural history of brain lesions during hereditary and sporadic cerebral small vessel diseases, to validate solid and robust measures and to analyze their exact clinical significance.

He is coordinating with Dr. Anne JOUTEL the RHU TRT_cSVD project and aims in this context to develop new, robust and highly sensitive imaging markers associated with the best clinical parameters to evaluate future therapeutics in cSVD tomorrow.


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