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MD, PhD, Chef du service de neurologie au CHU Amiens et Directeur du laboratoire de Neurosciences Fonctionnelles et Pathologies (EA 4559)

Associated workpackage(s): WP7

In parallel with the training in neurology at the University Hospital of Lille, Olivier Godefroy completed a PhD thesis under the supervision of Professor Jeannerod (Lyon) on the control executive functions and cerebrovascular disease, in particular of the frontal lobes. His clinical and research activity focused on neurovascular diseases and cognitive disorders, an activity developed after his recruitment at the University Hospital of Amiens and the creation of the laboratory of functional neuroscience and pathologies.

In this field he participates or coordinates several clinical research networks (GREFEX, GREFEX2, GRECOGVASC, Strokcog) as well as study with pharmaceutical company (REFLEX study with the Novartis laboratory). In this context, he has already contributed to (1) the definition of diagnostic criteria for dysexecutive syndrome, (2) the methodology of cognitive evaluation and (3) the identification of dysexecutive and attentional disorders of several pathologies including cerebrovascular diseases.

In the context of the RHU TRT_cSVD project, its contribution will mainly concern the implementation and validation of a computerized remote cognitive assessment platform. Beyond small vessel diseases and CADASIL, this computerized evaluation method will inform the evaluation and definition of post-stroke disability.

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