The RHU TRT_cSVD project is coordinated by Pr Hugues CHABRIAT (Lariboisiere Hospital – APHP, Inserm, Paris Diderot University) and Dr Anne JOUTEL (Inserm, Paris Diderot University).

The project governance is based on 4 committees whose roles are to promote the efficient conduct of the scientific project, ensure compliance with the objectives, and the proper execution of the budget.

Steering Committee

This committee consists of 23 scientific managers and 2 coordinators.

This committee monitors the progress of the project work and ensures that deadlines are met. He proposes in case of execution problems, adapted actions.

Scientific Advisory Committee

This committee consists of 4 recognized scientific personalities capable of advising the consortium on scientific, medical or social issues.

Its mission is to put into perspective the scientific objectives of the project and its progress.

Strategic Committee

This committee consists of the legal representatives of the academic or industrial institutions, the 2 coordinators and the representative of the DHU NeuroVasc Management Committee.

This committee is the deliberative authority of the project.

Coordinating Committee

This committee consists of the leaders of each of the 7 work packages.

Its mission is to ensure the proper implementation of the Steering Committee decisions.

The TRT_cSVD project receives State aid overseen by the National Research Agency as part of the future investments programme under reference ANR-16-RHUS-004

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