Cerebral small vessel diseases of the brain (SVDs) are involved in one-third of ischemic strokes and contribute significantly to cognitive decline and disability occurring with aging in the general population. Despite the profound impact of SVDs on human health, no specific treatments are currently available, outside the management of vascular risk factors.

Among the important advances in the field of SVDs has been the identification of genes involved in Mendelian forms of adult-onset SVD, which share a number of clinical and pathological features with common forms of SVDs. The identification of these genes allows, not only the development of diagnostic tests, but offers an unprecedented opportunity to develop disease-modifying drugs, and conduct clinical trials in very homogeneous groups of patients.

The ultimate goal of TRT_cSVD is to develop effective therapies for SVDs. Our overarching concept is that genetic SVDs especially CADASIL, the most frequent such condition provide a unique opportunity to develop new therapeutic solutions.


Our specific objectives are:

  • to identify new genes in SVDs and validate druggable targets;
  • to identify innovative biomarkers and clinical tools for therapeutic evaluation in patients;
  • to develop innovative evaluation and rehabilitation approaches targeting early deficits and disability, and
  • to validate our findings in early-stage clinical studies and facilitate their translation to the real world.

TRT_cSVD gathers in a transdisciplinary consortium 25 partners:

experimental research labs

clinical and imaging research teams

sociologists team

industry partners

Imagine Eyes développe l’optique adaptative, pour visualiser à l’échelle microscopique chez l’homme

who pioneered a revolutionary technology, adaptive optics, to visualize at microscopic scale the small vessels of the retina (characteristics of which are close to those of cerebral microvessels)

Genious healthcare est un concepteur de thérapies numériques

a designer of therapeutic videogames.

un développeur de nouvelles méthodes d’analyse en ligne d’images par résonance magnétique du cerveau

a developer of new online solutions for brain MRI analysis.

The convergence of unique resources and expertise as well as innovative approaches creates a moment in time ripe for a major step forward in the fight against SVDs—a step requiring a major collaborative effort that we are uniquely positioned to undertake.

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